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in the pink @ Blunos

Come on down and destress with cool water and blue skies and take some tropical, pink-themed snaps. Enjoy a selection of home-made smoothies featuring the freshest of fruits as in the pink @ Blunos invites you to sample a menu that was created, first and foremost, with your health in mind. Only the freshest, additive free premium local fruits are selected to keep in line with the current healthy trends and satisfy insatiable health lovers. 

in the pink @ Blunos by Chef Martin Blunos

In the pink is the manifestation of celebrity chef Martin Blunos’ desire to serve health-centric drinks in a bold, breezy environment which reflects his own colourful persona. It’s often been said that “a health body leads to a healthy mind” and as Chef Martin stated, “The best way to start is with some healthy, tasty food and beverages to keep us in good spirits and keep those diseases away.”

Take your first steps towards the healthy lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of with these wholesome signature menus 

EGG & FRIES (THB 220) -A play on the obvious, both visual and fun
Poached Apricot, Yoghurt, Honey, Green Guava French fries, Strawberry & Raspberry Ketchup 

Rosella & Gold Leaf Jelly Against a Coconut and Vanilla Seed Milk Finished with Crystallized Rosella Buds 

TWISTED STRAWBERRY (THB 190) - ripe banana, strawberry, low fat yogurt, Monin strawberry puree, bio-organic honey almond and pasteurized milk 

Banana, Strawberry, Mango, Charcoal, Honey, Coconut Juice
Top with Fresh fruit, Chia Seed, Coconut Flake, Granola, Sunflower Seed and Kidney Bean

We’d love nothing more than for you to join Chef and his team, sample some healthy cuisine and soak up the atmosphere at in the pink @ Blunos, Blunos Restaurant every day between 11.00-22.00 hrs.                               

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