Top Tourist Attractions in Hanoi

Explore things to do in Hanoi, Vietnam

There’s an abundance of remarkable discoveries to be made near Eastin Hotel & Residences Hanoi. Here’s a pick of our favourite tourist attractions and sightseeing activities to enjoy the local culture and to discover some new, exciting experiences. Explore exciting things to do when you visit Hanoi!

Children feeding giraffes in Thu Le Park at Eastin Hotels

Thu Le Park

Thu Le Park is a place to nourish and care for and preserve many rare and precious animals of Vietnam. It is a suitable place for children to discover about animals.

It is known that in Thu Le Park there are now 600 individuals of about 100 different species. The children will be able to see firsthand the activities and activities of the animals.


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Cau Giay Park near Eastin Hotels

Cau Giay Park

Cau Giay Park is one of the largest and most airy parks in Hanoi with a total area of 6,540 m2.

Cau Giay Park is not only an attractive weekend entertainment place for Hanoi people, but it is also a giant "green lung" that contributes to purifying the air, giving the city a fresh space. than. Coming here, you will be able to walk around the campus, breathe in the fresh, cold air of the typical weather in Ha Noi.


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Exterior of Ha Pagoda near Eastin Hotels

Ha Pagoda

Among the temples to pray for love in Hanoi, Ha Pagoda is the most sacred, anyone who comes here when they are alone will have a couple.

Ha Pagoda was ranked as a historical and cultural relic by the state in 1996. Through many firefights, Ha Pagoda was destroyed many times. The present appearance of the temple is the result of that major restoration and subsequent restorations.


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The Vietnamese - Chinese friendship Palace near Eastin Hotels

The Vietnamese – Chinese Friendship Palace

The Vietnamese – Chinese Friendship Palace is a general architectural work, both a place to perform large-scale art forms or organize important cultural and events.

The Vietnamese – Chinese Friendship Palace has a campus of 3.3 hectares, construction area of nearly 14,000 m2. It is designed around a round outside, square inside, inspired by the lotus flower. With a circle symbolizing harmony, unity and completeness.


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Architecture & Construction exhibition near Eastin Hotels

The National Architecture and Construction Planning Exhibition

The National Architecture and Construction Planning Exhibition is a place to organize events, exhibition activities, propagate, disseminate and provide information in the field of Architecture, Planning, construction materials, real estate, and construction. real estate, etc. of the Construction Industry, and is also an ideal address for other important events in Politics, Culture, Society, Tourism, Art, etc.


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My Dinh National Stadium near Eastin Hotels

My Dinh National Stadium

My Dinh National Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Hanoi. The stadium has a capacity of 40,192 seats and is the largest capacity stadium in the country. The stadium often hosts international matches or friendlies when a team participates.


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The Vietnam National Museum of Nature near Eastin Hotels

The Vietnam National Museum of Nature

The Vietnam National Museum of Nature is a leading museum in the system of nature museums. It was established to showcase nature and environment, and exhibit information about basic features of Vietnam's nature.

Museum is a cultural-scientific organization with the function of museum research, collection, storage, preservation, assessment, display and introduction of specimens and artifacts of biological, geographical-geological, human and cultural aspects, documents on nature and natural resources of Vietnam and the world; basic research and investigation.


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Vietnam Museum of Ethnology near Eastin Hotels

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology researches about the sciences, collect, preserves, restores artifacts, documents about nationality, history. This is the place where display, perform the activities that introduce, educate about the history values, the culture values of all ethnic group in Viet Nam and South Asia.


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The exterior of Hanoi Museum near Eastin Hotels

Hanoi Museum

Hanoi Museum is one of the most famous museum in Hanoi. The architecture of the museum has an inverted pyramid structure, with an estimated 50,000 artifacts on display here.
The considerable collection is stone, bronze, and ceramics from the Ly, Tran, Le, Nguyen, Chinese, and Japanese dynasties, along with thousands of documents introducing the history of formation and development of Thang Long – Ha Noi.


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National Conventional Center near Eastin Hotels

National Convention Center

National Convention Center is considered as one of the three largest convention centers equipped with modern equipment in Southeast Asia.
National Convention Center is the suitable for organizing big event participated with many people.


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Entry arch of The Temple of Literature near Eastin Hotels

The Temple of Literature

The Temple of Literature is often cited as one of Hanoi’s most picturesque tourist attractions. Originally built as a university in 1070 dedicated to Confucius, scholars and sages, the building is extremely well preserved and is a superb example of traditional-style Vietnamese architecture.

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Front view of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum near Eastin Hotels

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Ba Dinh Square is one of the most visited attractions in Hanoi. It is the final resting place of Ho Chi Minh, the most iconic and popular leader of Vietnam, known to his people as ‘Uncle Ho’. His body is preserved here in a glass case at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in central Hanoi.

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Front view of St. Joseph’s Cathedral near Eastin Hotels

St. Joseph’s Cathedral

One of Hanoi’s top places to visit is St. Joseph’s Cathedral – the oldest church in the capital.
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Hoan Kiem Lake near Eastin Hotels

Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi attracts tourists and locals looking to get away from the noise and frenetic pace of the city. Peaceful and quiet, the lake surrounds Ngoc Son Temple, a pagoda sitting on a small island in the centre of the lake.

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