Frequently Asked Questions

about Eastin Tan Hotel Chiang Mai

Rooms and Rates

What types of rooms are available in the property and what are the differences between the different categories?


34 Barthtub
72 Barthtub
96 Barthtub

Are your room rates per room or per person?

The rates charged are per room (double occupancy).

How can I make a booking?

You can book through our website  or send an email to

Does my room reservation require any guarantee?

All room reservations require a credit card guarantee.

How do I cancel my reservation without a charge?

The details of our cancellation policy conditions can be found in the confirmation letter we send confirming your booking.

How many people can stay in one room?

Each guest room can accommodate a maximum of three (3) adults. 

Do you have a pet policy?

We regret that animals are not allowed on the premises.

Do the rates include breakfast?

We offer only room only with no breakfast. Please check our website for our latest offers.

What are the standard check-in and check-out times?

The standard check-in time is 14:00 hrs. and check out is at 12:00 noon.

Is it possible to check-in earlier?

It is sometimes possible to check-in earlier, however, this is subject to availability. To ensure your room is ready upon arrival, you can reserve the room from the night before

Can I have a late check-out?

It is possible to have a late check-out as per room availability. Please note that for check-outs after 18:00 hrs. an additional room night will be charged at the regular room rate.

Do you have twin, triple and quadruple rooms?

We do have twin rooms. For triple rooms, an extra bed with extra charge can be added. However, no quadruple rooms are available.

Are king-sized beds available in the rooms?

Yes, they are.

Do you have rooms with a bathtub?

All of our rooms contain bathtubs.

Do you have non-smoking rooms?

All rooms are non-smoking but we provide designated smoking zones.

Are safety deposit boxes available at the property?

All guestrooms have a safety deposit box which is available free of charge.

Is internet available at the property?

The entire area including public areas and guestrooms is set up for free wireless or broadband internet access. You can contact the front desk for a username and password.

Travelling with Children

Are baby cots available for the rooms?

Yes, they are.


Is vegetarian cuisine available in the restaurants?

A selection of vegetarian dishes are available in every outlet.

Is a special menu available for children?


General Information

Is there a swimming pool in the property?

The swimming pool is on the 2nd floor and open from 07:00 a.m. -  09:00 p.m.

Is there a fitness center in the property?

The fitness center is on the 2nd floor and open 24 hours.    

How much parking space is available at the property?

The car park can accommodate up to 60 cars.   

Do you provide a free shuttle bus/van from/to the airport to/from the property?

We regret that there is no free shuttle service available.

How long does it take to get a taxi or limousine from the airport to the property and approximately how much does it cost?

It takes approximately 25 minutes to get from the Chiang Mai International Airport to the property
The cost ranges from THB 300 - 500 for a taxi from the airport.

How much does the property van cost?

The cost is 600 Baht net per way by Toyota Commuter.

How do I get to the property by public transportation?

Due to the inconvenience of using public transport we strongly recommend using either a taxi or our own private transfer

If I take a property van from the airport, will I be met by a member of Eastin staff?

We have an airport representative to meet all our arriving guests and escort them to their transportation. The representative carries an Eastin sign with your name on it.   

Do you have special facilities and services available for the disabled traveler?

Yes, we have rooms specially equipped for disabled travelers. These rooms are available on request at no additional charge but are subject to availability.

Can the you reconfirm my ongoing flight and make arrangements for domestic and international flights?

Yes, the concierge staff will be pleased to assist with your travel arrangements.

Is a doctor available?

We can arrange a doctor on call to come or we can escort you to the nearest hospital.

Can I get a massage at the property?

We do not have an in-house spa or massage service.

How far is the nearest hospital to the property?

It is 15 minutes’ drive to a major international hospital.

Where is the nearest bank or currency exchange?

The nearest banks are in the Maya department store opposite to the property. The banks in Thailand are open from 09:30 a.m. until 03:30 p.m. Monday to Friday only.

What is the currency in Thailand?

The currency in Thailand is the Thai Baht.

Can baggage be stored at the property whilst I travel to another location in Thailand?

Please contact the concierge to arrange this.

What voltage do you use in Thailand?

The voltage in Thailand is 220 V.

What is the VAT refund system in Thailand?

Tourists are able to claim back the VAT on larger purchases when they exit the country. Most department stores display a sign to this effect and will provide the necessary forms for completion.

Is it safe to drink the tap water in Thailand?

Tourists are able to claim back the VAT on larger purchases when they exit the country. Most department stores display a sign to this effect and will provide the necessary forms for completion.

What is the weather like at different times of the year?

As a general guideline, the weather in Thailand is warm all year round. However, the weather is generally most pleasant from November to February when there are clear skies and sunshine. The “hot season” is from April to May, when temperatures reach their highest. The “rainy season” is between June and September although it does not rain every day and usually the rain only lasts for an hour or so in the evening.

What should I wear in Thailand?

The dress code in Thailand is quite modest and so conservative dress is recommended. Shorts and sleeveless vests cannot be worn to visit a temple.

Business Travellers

Can I connect my laptop in the room?

Yes, laptops can be connected to the regular phone lines or to splitter boxes provided by the property. The entire building is also wireless enabled.

Shopping and Tourists Facilities

Are there any major shopping centres near the property? And, if so, where are they?

The Maya department store is directly opposite the property on Nimmanhaemin Road.

How far is the property from the main shopping area?

About one minute.